Virtual Reality: A Better Way to Train. A Better Way to Learn.

Virtual reality offers an immersive training solution that is more effective than traditional live training at a fraction of the cost.

Learn by doing.

  • Immersive technology provides distraction-free, hands-on experiences that allow for better learning outcomes.
  • Learners can immerse themselves in a situation repeatedly, ensuring they master the skills necessary to safely and successfully perform the job.
  • Virtual reality allows for mistake-driven learning, letting employees make mistakes without consequences and learn through trial and error.
  • Virtual environments make training with hazardous materials or dangerous situations possible without putting learners and instructors in real danger.

Increase engagement and knowledge retention.

  • VR Learners retain 75% of what they are taught, versus a 10% retention rate from reading or listening to a presentation.
  • Companies that have adopted VR Training have seen a 40% reduction in training time.
  • Employees trained using immersive technology have been shown to make 40% fewer mistakes than those who are conventionally trained.
Tour the ChalkBites Virtual Reality Corporate Training Center with Founder, Steve Grubbs.

ChalkBites End-to-End Training Solutions

Software & Content

On demand access to our Library of stock training simulators and pre-recorded classes.

Live classes taught by industry experts included in Monthly Training License.

Custom 3D Asset production and training simulations available – Contact Us to discuss solutions!

Hardware Sales

Virtual reality headsets are available for purchase and will ship to you at no cost.

Headsets may be purchased separately or as part of a License bundle.

Support Services

Skip the hassle of setup, let us do it for you! Your headset will arrive pre-loaded with ChalkBites Corporate Training Software, your account will be created for you and a username & password provided.

Training provided to an admin.

Technical support included with your License.

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