Virtual Reality Enterprise Rejuvenation & Training License for the Workplace – ChalkBites

Employee rejuvenation, training and meeting space in a shared virtual reality space.

The ChalkBites Rejuvenation & Training Enterprise Center gives employees and employers the space for relaxation and learning in a virtual reality environment. The center includes the following:

  • Relaxation & rejuvenation experiences like a stream, a beach in the Virgin Islands, a conservatory and more.
  • Affirmations and calming moments during relaxation as employees in stressful business settings take time during a break or lunch.
  • Safety training for OSHA and workplace hazards.
  • Safety training includes ladder safety, fire safety, OSHA warehouse safety and more common risks.
  • A virtual reality conference room for meetings conducted remotely where a 3D space with a white board and a table promote better outcomes.
  • The conference room includes a long conference table, a white board, a video board for use with slide decks and videos, as well as the ability to introduce 3D objects to be handed about.

PwC: Virtual Reality Training Dramatically Improves the Workplace

  • Employees can be trained up to 4x faster
  • VR learners are more confident in applying what they learned
  • Employees are more emotionally connected to content learned in VR
  • VR learners are more focused
  • VR learning can be more cost-effective

What Do You Get for a $300 Annual License?

  • Unlimited training and rejuvenation in the ChalkBites Enterprise Center
  • Use of the Center in a VR headset or on a PC
  • Meditation-style relaxation experiences with affirmations
  • Safety, fire and OSHA training led by experienced industry leaders
  • Meeting spaces for small and large groups