Bring Podcasting to Your Business


As the listener market continues to grow, appealing directly to your demographic becomes more important. We can help.

Podcasting is swiftly becoming the dominant source of news and entertainment on American’s daily commute, with 86 million US listeners as of 2019. Businesses must capitalize on this huge potential, as getting on the right show can put you directly in front of the people who will be most invested in what you have to offer. For an additional fee, we’ll even manage your podcast’s social media.


Advertise on our Podcasts.

Our Podcast Series reach thousands of listeners every month, across a broad  selection of demographics. For $2500, we’ll work with you to create a 4 week promotion of 30 second ads at the beginning of each episode designed to drive traffic to your business, along with a banner on our podcast’s website and a social media campaign.


Want your own Podcast? We’ll make it.

You have a message you want to spread. Tell it to us and let us do the hard part. Interviewing, recording, editing, graphic design, and hosting podcasts are all elements best left to professionals, and we have the tools to make the process painless for you. For $2500, we’ll record and edit two podcasts every month, make the logo, host it for you, and make it accessible across every major podcast platform, including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. If two isn’t enough for you, we’ll gladly bump it to five per month for just $5000.


What we Offer, in Brief.


$2500 for a Four Week Campaign – February and March 2020

  • 30 Second Ad
  • Mention in Bullet Points at the end
  • Banner on the Podcast Website
  • Shoutouts on Social Media


$2500 for a 2 Episode Series; or

$5000 for a 5 Episode Series

  • 15 or 30 Minute Episodes
  • 30 Minute Planning Session per Episode
  • Interviews, Editing, & Background Audio
  • Hosting on Apple, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, & More
  • Social Media Management, not included but available

Our Client Podcasts

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