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Universities and Greek Organizations are under a microscope in today’s social media and Internet environment.

It’s also hard to get the attention of students when their head is buried in their phone. That’s why we worked with one of the nation’s leading University textbook publishers to create an orientation curriculum for incoming students. Whether general university students or students in the greek system, this mobile-based training is fast, easy and covers the bases.

Even more, each assignment is less than 10 minutes long so short attention spans are manageable. Just choose a course or a specific assignment and push it out to all the students on a specific list. Easy.

Individual assignments include:

  • Dealing with Sexual Assault on Campus
  • Managing Your Time in College
  • Drinking Responsibly in College
  • Embracing Diversity

Of course, each organization can have their own custom videos created for a reasonable fee.

Course Curriculum

  • Dealing with Sexual Assault on Campus

    • A video dealing with how to fight back against sexual assault, and what to do in event of the worst.
  • Managing Your Time in College

    • Steps that college students can take to fully utilize and manage their time in school
  • Drinking Responsibly in College

    • A pragmatic look at how to stay safe while drinking alcohol in college.
  • What is Diversity?

    • In this video we explore what diversity is, as well areas where diversity can be found in a modern society. A Kendall Hunt video.