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Umpires must be well equipped to succeed;


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[2], Baylor University, Aug. 27, 2014

Course Curriculum

  • Umpire Gear

    • In this video, we explore what regulation gear is needed to umpire behind the plate
  • Giving The Count

    • This video explains when to give the ball and strike count, as well as the correct way to do so.
  • The Strike Zone

    • This video examines where the strike zone is on a batter, and how to correctly apply that to your calls
  • Foul Tips

    • In this video, we learn what is and is not a foul tip, as well as the correct way to call it
  • Plate Umpire Interference

    • This video explains what Plate Umpire Interference is, and how it should be called
  • Calls At The Plate

    • This video explains how to correctly position yourself for calls that will occur at the plate