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The federal government requires every company to provide certain key information to new employees about their rights under the law. Even more, the better we train new employees, the less likely a company is to encounter legal issues moving forward. ChalkBites provides a tool to quickly and effectively train both in-office and remote employees on their rights and responsibilities.

It’s also convenient that the employee can learn on their phone, desktop or tablet. At the end of each learning assignment is a short quiz to verify that the information was learned. A supervisor is notified once the assignment is complete. Easy.
Some of the courses included in the basic HR course include:

  • How to Identify and Handle Harassment
  • Understanding Your Rights Under the EEOC
  • What are Your Rights Under the FLSA
  • Your Rights Under the FLSA
  • Social Media and the Company Brand

Some companies will add to this course training videos adapted specifically from the company handbook, which explains more clearly issues related to insurance, company holidays, dress code and other key issues that are company specific. ChalkBites has an affordable process where we video-fy the company handbook.

Course Curriculum

  • Dress for Success

    • In this video, we explore how much an impact what an employee wears can have, as well as what is generally expected when different levels of dress code are used.
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the FMLA

    • This training video covers rights guaranteed by the FMLA. Learn what qualifies an employee for these rights, examples of how leave may be taken, and the responsibilities employees and employers have.
  • How does the EPPA affect you?

    • This training video will cover what the EPPAs purpose is, what exemptions exist, and where to go when an employer is violating the law.
  • How to Identify and Handle Harassment

    • This training video will help you gain a full understanding of what constitutes as harassment as well as sexual harassment in the workplace. Employees will also learn the proper steps to take should any type of harassment arise in the workplace.
  • OSHA's Guidelines on Transgender Restroom Access

    • In this video, we’ll explore what it means to be transgender, as well as what OSHA has said about employee restroom access.
  • Respect - Customer Service

    • This video runs through the basics on how important it is to show customers respect and shows how to properly speak to customers while interacting with them.
  • Social Media and the Company Brand

    • In this video we address the power that an employee’s use of social media can have on the brand of their company. We explore what is best avoided in such usage, and some guidelines for how to positively affect a brand.
  • Understanding Your Rights Under the EEOC

    • This training video will cover what the EEOC is, what protections it guarantees, and examples of how it functions in the workplace.
  • What are your rights under the FLSA?

    • This training video covers restrictions mandated by the FLSA, how they are enforced, and what to do if this law is being violated.
  • What USERRA Does For You

    • This training video covers the importance of USERRA. Learn which rights USERRA guarantees and what to do if these rights are being violated.

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