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ChalkBites, Inc. provides a transformational learning experience for employees and customers using virtual reality environments and solutions to train, collaborate and execute

Two big shifts for commercial enterprises..

  1. Remote collaboration and Work From Anywhere (WFA)
  2. Adoption of productivity enhancing technologies

Virtual Reality Enterprise Training Center

Virtual Reality Forklift Certification Training Simulator

VR’s time has come. The technology offers a superior alternative to traditional nuclear training environments and can be deployed rapidly, at scale, to improve the safety of workers today.”
– Kevin Anderson Head, North American Nuclear

VR technology is raising the bar in firefighter training while helping save lives and conserve valuable resources. The use of VR technology allows training for incidents that cannot easily be replicated or may be very costly to recreate, not to mention eliminating the hazards involved in live training.”
-United States Fire Administration

VR for Business: Hilton, Nestle Purina, & Ford

At OC6 in 2019, the Oculus for Business team unveiled VR business use cases from leading enterprise companies. See how Hilton is
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Is VR the Future of Corporate Training?

Soldiers, surgeons, and astronauts have trained for decades in virtual reality (VR). People learn best by doing, and by getting feedback when
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You Can Go Back to the Office—You Just Need a Virtual-Reality Headset

Sometimes, when I’m sick of being boxed in on the video-chat checkerboard, I slip into my 3-D holographic self and wander, like
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A Netflix Moment for Virtual Reality in the Workplace

In 2000, Netflix approached Blockbuster about purchasing their fledgling company. Blockbuster was brick and mortar, and Netflix would be the online arm
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